25 April 2020, Saturday by Florist Shi-ki:


Bespoke Flower Arrangements for Retail Spaces and Outlets


Looking for ideas or suggestions on how to liven up the spaces in your mall or shop? In this post, we explain how our florist decides on which flowers match together to form an ideal theme to suit different occasions and situations.




Client's brief: "Spring" theme


We understand spring by the colour green, which explains the main colour of these arrangements in the middle of a department store.


 Making use of the long length of the Ornithogalum, green Chrysanthemums and red Hypericum, this arrangement is designed in such a way that the stalks are arranged with varying heights to make the flowers seem like they are "dancing". Instead of the usual round shape, the difference in heights of various flowers make the overall look more "natural", as the florist tries to imitate the movement and characteristics of plants in nature. The red Aster also adds colour to the green background.



White and green may thought to be the colour of sympathy or bereavement, but it is also to express elegance in many cases. The white evens out green tones and white lilies are positioned specially to look as if they are just "resting" on top of the greens, making the arrangement look full.




Client's brief: "Summer" theme


If you are on a budget, we can suggest the use of Chrysanthemum flowers. We chose those with a more rare colour while it being aesthetically pleasing to the eye at the same time. In this photo, the peach and white chrysanthemums make up 60% of the flowers. Yellow oncidiums is chosen as the middle colour to allow all the colours to blend together, while the long and tall Typha Leaf make the whole arrangement seem a lot bigger.




Client's brief: "Autumn"


Again, as we were on a budget, for these flowers chosen to make an arrangement, we selected matching pink and red colour Spray Chrysanthemums and matching foliage. The Cluster Star flower is the most pricey flower in this arrangement. It is chosen as it is considered a "unique" flower due to is seasonal availability. Most of all, it brings texture, colour and a touch of interestingness to the otherwise common looking chrysanthemum.



Another way of interpreting "Autumn"- red, orange, a touch of green



"Free, messy" look while maintaining a round shape base.




Client's brief: "Christmas"


Just red and white as the main colours. 



Letting the bending characteristics of each flower stalk to guide the florist in creating a loose, overall freestyle look.




Client's brief: "Paris colours"


 Red, White, Blue




Client's brief: "for a Japanese restaurant entrance"





Client's brief: "to match products on display"



For a high-end boutique.




Whatsapp us at +65 8428 2075 or email sales@shi-ki.com.sg if you would like to order from us a corporate flower. We hope we have helped you to have a better idea of the flower you have in mind.





22 April 2020, Wednesday by Florist Shi-Ki:



Here's our first blog entry bringing you insight on the benefits of having plants in your home! We've narrowed down the information into 3 main points. With the ongoing COVID-19 season in mind, here's also how plants can make our Work-From-Home sessions more pleasant and enjoyable. May you be propelled to keep one in your home today!



According to a survey by Arboretum, 42 percent of 2000 participants said that being around plants improved their mental health.*
ow it works:
Plants can be a visual beauty, with its lushness being pleasing to the eye. While stimulating the senses, the appreciation of beauty also eases the mind. 



How it works:
Caring for a living thing brings about feelings of a sense of purpose and is rewarding- especially during the stages when you witness that living thing bloom and thrive.
Plants brighten the surrounding which boost your mood.
Researchers found that flowers such as the Phalaenopsis Orchid plant help hospital patients recover more quickly as they tolerated pain better and needed fewer medications when surrounded by greenery. The greenery helps lower systolic blood pressure, anxiety and fatique as compared to patients without plants in their room.



How it works:
Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide which eliminates harmful toxin into the air.
Plus point, growing HERBS! They aid digestion. For example, Mint may help to tamp down bloating, and Basil help to calm the stomach.




Whatsapp us at +65 8428 2075 to enquire about the different plants we are selling. They include less common species such as the Stephania Erecta, Podocarpus, and more known ones like the Cactus and Ficus Elastica(Rubber plant).









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