S'pore Orchid to Japan

S’pore Orchid to Japan

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  • Orchid Box

    Orchids Box

    Singapore Orchids
    Quantity Size price
    No.1 50 S S$190
    No.2 L S$270
    No.3 35 S S$130
    No.4 L S$202
    No.5 25 S S$110
    No.6 L S$145
    No.7 20 S S$89
    No.8 L S$120
    No.9 15 S S$81
    No.10 L S$100
    No.11 10 S S$67
    No.12 L S$85
    * S size-approx. 40.00cm of the length overall
    * L size-approx. 50.00cm of the length overall
    * Select orchids in 5 stalks per variety